Vanilla sponge cake

There are many vanilla sponge cake recipes out there. A sponge cake recipe that is good, for example, for strawberry shortcake may not taste so good on another cake. Small variations in the sponge cake recipe will make a huge difference to the final product.

Learn how sponge cake is made from professionals in pastry shops

NOTE: Pastry shops do not use silpat baking mats but use parchment paper instead.


Terminologies pertaining to vanilla sponge cake

In this lesson you will be introduced to the following terminologies;

Introduction to Vanilla sponge cake

 When making Vanilla or chocolate sponge cake the first thing you must do as part of your mise en place is to butter and flour the sides of the pan as shown below. The bottom of the pan should be lined with parchment paper, to ease removal of baked product. 

buttering and flouring pan

Once the cake is baked (usually at 180deg. C / 350 deg. F for about 35 minutes) it should be left in the pan for about 5 minutes.

baked vanilla sponge cakes in pans

After 5 minutes, scrape all around the edge of the cake using a small spatula, then flip the cake over a cooling rack.

Once vanillla sponge cake has completely cooled, wrap with plastic wrap and freeze until needed. Do NOT remove the parchment from the bottom of the pan when cake is fresh. This may damage the cake. Remove parchment paper once cake is removed from the freezer.

 TIP: Once the parchment paper has been removed from the frozen cake, allow it to dry over night with the cake crumbs on it. The next day, you may easily scrape off all the cake crumbs using your fingers. The parchment paper may be reused quite a few times before it may need to be discarded, unless it gets torn.

Key points when making vanilla sponge cake at home

  • The 'pate a bombe' should be mixed to the proper consistency.
  • The egg whites must be beaten to the proper consistency.
  • When to stop mixing the egg whites.
  • When and how to incorporate the dry ingredients.
  • When to add the flavoring.
  • How to test for doneness.

Technique used to make vanilla rolled sponge


 Pan sizes that we use in our videos

sheet pan sizes with measurements photo

NOTE: All measurements measure the bottom of the sheet pans. Pans used in pastry shops are bigger than the large pan demonstrated in the picture, but those pans do not fit in most home ovens.

Sponge cake batter amounts for sheet pans

Vanilla sponge

  • For small size pan; use 430g of sponge
  • For medium size pan; use 1050g of sponge
  • For large size pan; use 1400g of sponge

Chocolate sponge

  • For small size pan; use 4600g of sponge
  • For medium size pan; use 1100g of sponge
  • For large size pan; use 1450g of sponge

standard round pans used for making cakes

Click on the link below to get exact vanilla sponge cake batter weights for each pan size.

In the vanilla sponge cake videos, we will show you how to make sponge cake at home (chemical free)and also how sponge cake is done by professionals in a pastry shop. Please follow this link in order to view our recipe and step-by-step video instructions on how to make vanilla sponge cake.



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