Problems and corrections (troubleshooting)


In this article we will be including troubleshooting techniques to problems that we have encountered when making pastry. Solutions pertaining to the problems will be discussed.

A sample list of some problems that you may encounter during your pastry training  course will be addressed all in this article;

Q1. You are creaming the butter with the sugar, you stop the mixer for a minute, and when you come back you see the mixture is starting to separate. What do you do?
Q2. You are making creme anglaise and the mixture begins to curdle (cooked to long or too quickly). What do you do?
Q3. You see reddish specs on egg mixture. What caused this?
Q4. You are making butter cream using italian meringue and the butter cream begins to curdle. What do you do?
Q5. You are making a syrup using water, sugar and glucose, and it is taking very long to come to a boil. What caused this??
Q6. You are supposed to cook a sugar syrup to a certain temperature. By mistake you exceeded that temperature, what do you do??
Q7. I made an apple pie but my crust always comes out hard. What am I doing wrong??
Q8.Can you fix over-beaten egg whites?
Q9. If the heavy cream is over-beaten what do you do?
Q10. If eggs coagulate when making creme anglaise, what do you do?
Q11. Whisked the pate a bombe but forgot to add the gelatin. What do you do?
Q12. If you overheated the chocolate, can you still use it?
Q13. If the ganache begins to separate, how can it be repaired?
Q14. If recipe asks for sour cream, but you don't have any, is there a quick way to make some?
Q15. If recipe asks for buttermilk, but you don't have any, is there a quick way to make some?


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