Question. What is Saint-Honoré cake?
Answer. St-Honoré  cake is a classic French dessert which consists of a base of puff pastry with a ring of pâte à choux all around the edge. Small, round pâte à choux are filled with lightened pastry cream and dipped in chocolate or caramel. They are placed side-by-side all around the top. The cream used traditionally is Chiboust cream and the garnishing is done with whipped cream using a special tip called St- Honoré tip. 

Learn how to make St-honoré cake

 Learn how to make Saint-honore cake

General procedure followed for Saint-honoré cake

The complexity of this cake comes from the number of finished products that are required to complete the assembly of the cake. We have made an 8-inch St-Honore cake for demonstration purposes. The actual size should be larger than that.

Raw saint honoré cake

The individual products needed to complete this cake are;

 In this lesson you will be introduced to the following terminologies;

 Please follow this link if you wish to learn how to make Sainte-Honoré cake.


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