boiling sugar syrup to make pate a bombe


 In this lesson you will learn how to make pate a bombe. This is not a recipe to be used on its own, but it's an integral part of many recipes in french pastry. This recipe is one part of recipes that are used to make ice cream, meringues, mousses, batters,etc.

During the video you will learn the proper and safe way to boil sugar syrup. Major key points that need to be followed when boiling the sugar syrup are revealed.

WARNING: This warning is not meant to scare you, but to keep you alert at all times. One must be extremely careful around boiling sugar syrup. Before starting to boil the sugar syrup, have a large bowl of ice water close by, in case sugar syrop goes onto your skin. The higher the temperature of the sugar syrup, the more severe the burn will be if you will not act fast. First of all do NOT panic. Secondly do NOT rub off of your skin any hot sugar syrup, because your skin will come off with it. Instead, immediately dip hand in the cold ice water bath. Seek immediate medical advice right after incident.

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Please follow this link if you wish to learn how to make Pate a bombe.


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