Question. What is pastry name?
Answer. Pastry cream also called crème patissière in French is a very popular cream prepared daily in a pastry shop. Pastry cream is used as a filling in a cake, in mille feuilles, in fruit tarts, or in eclairs or can be thinned out with whipping cream and enjoyed on its own, garnished with fresh fruit. It can be used alone or thinned out with other creams to give it a different or lighter texture or taste.

how to make pastry cream

Pastry cream is one of the most popular multi-purpose cream used in pastry. It is made with milk, sugar, and eggs (either whole or a mixture of whole and egg yolks), cornstarch, a bit of flour, and flavoring (vanilla being the most popular. Fruit purees and chocolate can also be used as flavorings. 

boiling milk for pastry cream


Pastry cream is made by bringing the milk with most of the sugar to a rolling boil in order to temper the eggs/dry ingredients mixture. The mixture is heated once more and cooked just until it thickens. Butter is added at the very end while the pastry cream is still quite hot, while the flavoring can be added when the cream has cooled off a bit.

The only disadvantage of pastry cream is that the final product that consists of pastry cream cannot be frozen only refrigerated for a couple of days.

The video will demonstrate the proper procedure to follow in order to have a successful finished product every time.

IMPORTANT: Strict hygiene must be followed when making pastry cream, because bacterial growth occurs quickly at room temperature due to the specific ingredients used to make the pastry cream. Proper hygiene will be shown on the video.

Please follow this link in order to view our recipe and step-by-step video instructions on how to make pastry cream.




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