Paris Brest

Question. What is Paris-Brest?
Answer. Paris-Brest is a cake that was named after a bicycle race in France. It's a cake that is made of cream puff pastry batter (pâte a choux) and consists of a cream called Paris-Brest cream.

How to make Paris-Brest cake though online french pastry training videos

What you need to know for a successful Paris-Brest cake

Making the batter

How to make cream puff pastry (Pate a choux) batter

The major components of this cake is cream puff pastry batter (Pate a choux) , pastry cream with butter and praline paste (hazelnut paste).

The key to the success of this cake is the cream puff pastry batter (Pate a choux). While making the cream puff pastry batter, add the whole eggs, a bit at a time until each egg is fully incorporated. For more information on the batter, please follow the link from above.

Making the Paris-Brest cream

Paris-Brest ingredients

Making the Paris-Brest cream is not as difficult, but you must follow correct procedure.

How to make Paris-Brest cream for Paris-Brest  cake

 The major ingredients of Paris-Brest cream is pastry cream, butter and praline paste.


Please follow this link in order to view our recipe and step-by-step video instructions on how to make Paris-Brest cream.


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