Understanding the importance of mise en place

mise en place

Mise en place is of extreme importance especially when working with pastry. Mise en place means to set everything up or put everything in place. Everything, meaning from utensils that you need for the recipe and the measured ingredients. Mise en place is the middleman between preparation and  production of a finished product. Having everything ready makes you more efficient in completing your task as quickly as possible.

mise en place utensils

In simple terms, let’s say you are making chocolate mousse and the sugar syrup is at the temperature where you need to begin beating the egg whites, but you don’t have a clean mixer bowl available. You now have to shut off the heat, clean the mixer bowl, reheat the sugar syrup from the beginning, and wait until it reaches the proper temperature to begin beating the egg whites. Another words, a great deal of wasted valuable time will be lost, especially if you are working in a pastry shop.





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