Italian meringue

Perfect Italian meringue consistency

Precautions when working with cooked sugar


danger sign

WARNING: This warning is not meant to scare you, but to keep you alert at all times. Be extremely careful when working with cooked sugar. Along with your mise-en-place, have a metal bowl of very cold ice water on your work station before starting to cook the sugar mixture. If sugar syrup falls on your skin, do NOT try to rub it off with your hand or using a towel. This will remove the syrup and your skin with it. Instead, immerse your hand into the cold ice water bath, and immediately seek immediate medical assistance with your doctor or go to the emergency. The severity of the burn depends on the temperature of the cooked sugar syrup.

dangers of cooking sugar syrups

Note that after about 4 minutes of cooking at medium heat, the temperature of the sugar mixture has reached 107 deg. C.

Terminologies pertaining to Italian meringue

In this lesson you will be introduced to the following terminologies;

  • Italian meringue
  • Stiff peak
  • sugar crystallization

Introduction to Italian meringue

The technique to making Italian meringue is identical to making Italian meringue butter cream. The only difference is the omission of the butter. You may watch the Italian meringue butter cream video or the Italian meringue video

 Key points when making Italian meringue

  • The sugar syrup must be cooked to the proper temperature.
  • The egg whites must be beaten to the proper consistency.
  • Incorporating the sugar syrup with the eggs whites.
  • When to stop mixing the Italian meringue.

What is your cost of making Italian meringue

If you would like to know what your cost is to making Italian meringue please follow this link.


How to know when the Italian meringue is ready?

The Italian meringue is ready when it has achieved the right consistency and the meringue has reached room temperature.

Please follow this link if you wish to learn how to make the perfect Italian meringue every time.


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