Introduction to macarons

Question. What is macaron?
Answer. Macaron is a French cookie that is a mixture of tant pour tant and egg whites. Two of those cookies are binded together using a cream-based filling.

introduction to macarons

Making macarons invloves combining a type of meringue into an almond paste mixture. The food color of choice is added.The food color is used to complement the flavor of the filling. For example, a redish color would be used when making macarons with raspberry filling, or a yellow color is used to complement a lemon filling.

What you will learn from this lesson

  • What are macarons 'feet' and how to achieve this effect
  • How to check the raw batter for proper consistency
  • How to line a sheet pan for macarons
  • What pastry bag and tips to use when making macarons
  • How to bake macarons
  • What is the perfect oven temperature for macarons
  • How to check for doneness
  • How does an over-baked macaron look like
  • Causes of deformed macarons
  • How to line the baking sheet
  • How to fill the macarons
  • How to use the piping bag.
  • Tips and tricks for making the perfect macarons every time

what is macaron feet

How to store macarons

You can store the macarons for a couple of days in the fridge, but they must be in a plastic container (air tight would be best). You can freeze the macarons for a couple of weeks, again, in an air tight container. Allow the frozen macarons to thaw in the fridge in an air tight container over night.

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