Introduction to Greek Yogurt

Question. What is Greek yogurt?
Answer. Yogurt is a semisolid sour-tasting food prepared with milk and fermented by adding certain 'good' bacteria. The acidification of the milk gives the yogurt the sour taste. Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt because the some of the excess whey is stained off. By removing some of the excess whey, there are fewer carbohydrates (sugar) in the yogurt and more protein, which makes Greek yogurt a healthier alternative to regular yogurts depending on your diet.

greek yogurt

Procedure for making Greek yogurt

The process for making Greek is very simple;

  • Heat the milk to a specified temperature.
  • Cool the milk to a specific fermentation temperature.
  • Add the bacterial cultures.
  • Allow mixture to ferment until the bacteria grows and gels the milk.
  • Once the milk mixture has thickened, strain it to remove some liquid whey, leaving you with the end product of Greek yogurt.

NOTE:  No special tools are required except a thermometer and cheesecloth.

straining yogurt

(Straining yogurt using cheese cloth)

Making Greek Yogurt Demo


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Sample recipe table

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What is your cost of making Greek yogurt

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