Introduction to fondant for eclairs

Question. What is fondant?
Answer. Fondant is a soft icing you use to decorate eclairs and mille feuilles. Other similar soft icing is rolled fondant. There are many types of glazes you can use for eclairs, like chocolate  or chocolate ganache, simple icing using icing sugar and milk, among others. We used a cooked sugar syrup to achieve our glaze. Whatever glaze you use, it must be neither too thick nor too thin.

making fondant for eclair


What you will learn from this lesson

  • How to cook sugar to desired temperature
  • How to make fondant for eclairs or mille feuilles desserts


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About our recipe tables

sample recipe table

Sample recipe table

All the recipes in our course are given by weight and percentages. The advantage of having a recipe in percentages is of extreme importance. You can alter the size of the recipe to any size you wish, and most importantly you can make recipe comparisons to notice the effects of ingredients between recipes.

In this lesson you will be introduced to the following terminologies;

  • fondant
  • cooked sugar syrup

What is your cost of making Fondant for eclairs

If you would like to know what your cost is to making fondant for eclairs please follow this link.


Please follow this link in order to view our recipe and step-by-step video instructions on how to make the perfect fondant for eclair every time


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