What is your electricity cost when baking pastry at home

When calculating your cost for a recipe the cost of electricity is often overlooked. You know that there is a cost, but, the average individually simply neglects to figure out the exact cost of electricity when baking pastry.

Well, we broke it down for you, so that you will be able to calculate your electricity cost more precisely.

When baking at home you have 2 options. To use a large oven or a more compact oven, as shown below;

using a standard oven to bake pastry at homeStandard oven -4000watts (cost per hour: $.39)

small-size oven used to bake pastry
small size oven - 1440watts (cost per hour: $.14)

How to calculate your electricity cost (for home bakers)

The electricity cost can be calculated as follows;

  • If your home oven's wattage is 4000watts, divide that number by 1000 to derive your oven's kiloWatts, which in our case is 4kw (kiloWatts).
  • Next, look in your hydro bill and try to find out what is your cost per kwh; .0965 (in Montreal, as of Nov 2015).
  • Your electricity cost for using the oven for 1 hour is; 4kwh x .0965 $/kwh = .38 cents
Electricity cost of home bakers using  oven
ItemCost/kwhhours usedCost ($)

(Montreal,Quebec, November 2015)

NOTE: The standard oven used at home is 4000kw in size, while the small-size oven is 1440kw in size.

Moving to a new apartment?

Estimate monthly electricity cost of your new apartment

If you are moving to a new apartment (Montreal, Quebec), and you wish to know your estimated monthly electricity cost, please follow this link. Must have or create an account with hydroQuebec.com website.






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