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  1. Almond cream
  2. Almond tartlets
  3. Apple pie
  4. Buttercream
  5. Buttercream, Italian meringue
  6. Chantilly cream
  7. Cheesecake
  8. Cheese sticks
  9. Cinnamon rolls
  10. Croissant dough
  11. Fruit strips
  12. Macarons, raspberry
  13. Meringue, Italian meringue
  14. Mousse, Chocolate mousse
  15. Palmiers
  16. Pate a choux batter (cream puff pastry)
  17. Pithiviers
  18. Sable a la poche (butter cookies)
  19. Pate brisee
  20. Puff pastry dough
  21. Sponge cake, Vanilla
  22. Sponge cake, Chocolate
  23. Strawberry shortcake
  24. Swiss meringue buttercream
  25. Tiramisu
  26. Turnovers, cherry
  27. Vol-au-vent
  28. Whipped cream


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