Choux paste batter (Pâte à choux)

learn how to make cream puff pastry batter 

 About our recipe tables

sample recipe table

Sample recipe table

All the recipes in our course are given by weight and percentages. The advantage of having a recipe in percentages is of extreme importance. You can alter the size of the recipe to any size you wish, and most importantly you can make recipe comparisons to notice the effects of ingredients between recipes.

Secrets to making cream puff pastry batter

If you are a beginner, there are a few tricks you will need to be taught in order to fully understand how to successfully master the task for making pate a choux. It's all in the consistency of the batter.

Once you will have a good recipe, there is no need to alter it. Simply add the exact specified ingredient amounts and you should get perfect results every time.

Baking also plays an important role to the finished product. You will need to ensure that the pate a choux batter has dried on the inside of the choux.

the secret to making perfect cream puff pastry batter

General procedure to follow when making cream puff pastry batter (Pâte à choux batter)

Detailed step by step instructions are available on how to make the batter for the pate a choux (cream puff pastry dough). We will also discuss the liquid ingredient options that you may use to make pate a choux.

Other choux paste batter products

The only difference between choux paste or cream puff pastry (Pâte à choux) and the other choux paste or cream puff pastry products that we will mention next, is the shape of the final product. Other names for products made using the same Pâte à choux batter are;

  • Arlequins
  • Chouquettes
  • Eclairs
  • Paris-Brest
  • Religious
  • Salambos
  • Croquembouche

To master the task on how to make cream puff pastry dough, please follow the link below We will show you a few ways on how to check the batter's consistency and also to check for doneness.

Please follow this link if you wish to learn how to make cream puff pastry


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