Chocolate mousse

Introduction to chocolate mousse

 learn how to make chocolate mousse from scratch

This is not a dessert that you can make within an hour. There are numerous variations that exist when making chocolate mousse ranging from simple to complex recipes. The chocolate mousse we are talking about is the complex version used in high-end pastry shops. It is quite time consuming. Once you see it done in our video, you will need to make this recipe numerous times before you can master it. Of course there are very simple recipes that you can follow to make chocolate mousse, but the end result is not the same, in terms of taste.

In our online pastry training videos we will make chocolate mousse three different ways;

Terminologies pertaining to chocolate mousse

In this lesson you will be introduced to the following terminologies;

Key points when making chocolate mousse

  • Timing is everything for this recipe.
  • The sugar syrup must be cooked to the proper temperature.
  • The egg yolks must be beaten to the proper consistency.
  • The egg whites must be beaten to the proper consistency.
  • Incorporating the sugar syrup with the eggs whites.
  • When to stop mixing the Italian meringue.
  • When to stop mixing the pate a bombe.
  • When to add the flavoring.
  • Incorporating all ingredients together to give you the final product.

While a simple recipe can satisfy your sweet tooth, a complex recipe is a melt-in-your-mouth experience which you want to share with your friends and family on occasion.

What should you consider when making chocolate mousse

Unfortunately there are individuals that are allergic to eggs. In such a case you can only make chocolate mousse using gelatin.

Precautions when working with cooked sugar


danger sign

WARNING: This warning is not meant to scare you, but to keep you alert at all times. Be extremely careful when working with cooked sugar. Along with your mise-en-place, have a metal bowl of very cold ice water on your work station before starting to cook the sugar mixture. If sugar syrup falls on your skin, do NOT try to rub it off with your hand or using a towel. This will remove the syrup and your skin with it. Instead, immerse your hand into the cold ice water bath, and immediately seek immediate medical assistance with your doctor or go to the emergency. The severity of the burn depends on the temperature of the cooked sugar syrup.

 Introduction to making chocolate glaze for chocolate mousselearn how to make chocolate glaze for a chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate glazes, again, vary from recipe to recipe. A slight variation in the recipe ingredients will give you quite a different result. Glazes that you see in pastry shops are formulated so that they are very glossy (pleasing to the eye). We do have such a recipe available in our pastry training videos. 

Key points when making chocolate glaze

  • The combination of ingredients used


Please follow this link if you wish to learn how to make chocolate mousse.





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