Difference Between Souffles and Mousse

Souffle and mousse are often confused to be the same thing. It's often hard to differentiate between a mousse and a cold souffle, but they're different things. Although, this would probably be one of the last things on your mind, if you had a plate of any one of these delectable dishes in front of you right now, we'll tell you some facts on what sets them apart, just so you have some food for thought.

What's a souffle?

Souffle is a baked dessert that is feathery light. It is made from eggs/ egg whites that are beaten. Cold souffles are like mousses with a rich cream or fruit puree, combined with the egg whites. These are frozen in ramekins before they are served. Dessert souffles are typically made with a fruit puree or cream as a base, along with the egg whites. On baking them, the egg whites in the ramekin expand, which deflate if allowed to cool. It is usually eaten when the souffle is all puffed up, rather than being eaten cold. A nicely cooked souffle has a moist center while being firmly set.

What's a mousse?

Mousses are airy dishes that can be served hot or cold. Unlike souffles, they can be savory or sweet dishes. Mousses are fluffy and airy, from the egg whites or whipped cream that is added to it. They also contain a fortifying layer of gelatin that is used to stabilize it. Hot mousses are made by baking the mixture in a water bath, so as to not let it curdle. Savory mousses can be prepared by making a puree using a variety of ingredients such as cheese, fish, vegetables, meat, shellfish, or foie grass. The fish or meat if used, is cooked prior to adding it to the mousse mixture. Sweet mousses use chocolate, fruits, or coffee and are normally served cold.

How are they different?

While the composition of souffle and mousse might seem very similar, they are prepared differently. A mousse uses a gelatinous sheet to stabilize it, while a souffle doesn't need one. A mousse is heavier in nature when compared to a souffle. A souffle uses a larger amount of egg whites when compared to a mousse. A mousse, although may be slightly cooked, does not rise like a souffle. Souffles are typically dessert dishes, while mousses can be savory dishes too.

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