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Everything you need to know about piping bags and how to work them

All you need to know about pastry bag or piping bag

Question. What is pastry bag or piping bag?
Answer. A pastry bag is a cone shaped bag that has two openings. A small opening on one end, that is where the icing comes out of, and a large opening which is used for filling the bag. Other names for a pasty bag are piping bag or decorating bag. Pastry bags are often used to pipe through buttercream, chocolate, or other appropriate soft mixtures, for the purpose of decorating a cake.

The origins of a pastry bag

These pastry bags came into picture once the cake became a symbolic recipe to celebrate many of the western festivals especially Christmas and Easter. Once the cake became an indispensable part of a birthday celebration, the pastry bag gained widespread recognition all over the world. It became the only tool by which you could decorate the items in a bakery. You can even draw pictures over a cake by using these bags. With time, when culinary art became an integral part of fine dining, bakers around the world not only had to make their products tasty, but they even had to make them look good. Pastry bags came in very handy. The utility of these bags soon expanded beyond bakery products as these bags began to be used for decorating various other products like pizzas and pancakes.

Types of pastry bags

pastry bag types

There are various pasty bags that exist in the market. One of the most popular are listed below;

  • Disposable bags
  • Parchment paper bags
  • Reusable bags
    • Canvas type
    • Polyurethane type
    • Plastic coated
  • Silicone bags

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