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Question. What is apple pie?
Answer. Apple pie is a fruit pie which consists of a filling made of apples. The main spice used when making an apple pie is cinnamon, but along with cinnamon you can also use a few other spices.

Finished raw apple pie

Apple pie demo

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What flour to use when making apple pie dough

A good choice would be to use flour that doesn't have a lot of gluten in it. Think about it. We do not want the pie dough to rise, right? So there should not be a lot of gluten in the flour. A pastry flour which has about 9% gluten would be a perfect choice. In terms of taste, you may use a bit of whole wheat flour to give the pie dough a nutty flavor.

Making your own apple pie dough from scratch

making your own apple pie dough

A perfect pie crust should not be chewy nor soggy. It should be flaky and melt in your mouth.

Before starting to make your pie dough, make sure that everything is really cold. Make sure the butter is very cold and the water is ice water cold. Keep the flour in the freezer until ready to use.

Tips when making the pie dough

  •  Mix the salt with the water, but only if you have pre-tested this recipe in terms of the amount of water needed for the pie dough. If the recipe has never been tested, add the salt in the flour so that you can adjust the water as needed.
  • Place pie pan onto a sheet pan to capture all drippings from the pie during cooking.
  • Work fast when breaking the butter into smaller pieces so the butter will not heat up and begin to melt. If you feel the butter is becoming soft, simply place the bowl of pie dough in the freezer for 15 minutes and then continue working on the dough.
  • When the water is added, work the dough gently. NEVER knead the dough (like when making bread) or you will loose the butter chunks that are in the flour. Loosing those chunks of butter will result in a dough that is chewy not flaky, which is is what we do not want.
  • Do NOT attempt to do pie dough using the mixer, unless you know what you are doing. The dough can be overworked very easily when using the mixer. The best would be to use the mixer to gather up the ingredients and then working the dough by hand to desired consistency.
  • You can use both butter and shortening in equal parts to get the best of both worlds (taste and flakiness), but you will be compromising a bit on taste, so we suggest using only butter when making pies.
  • If the bottom of the pie is not done, but the pie is perfectly cooked on top (in an 8-inch aluminum disposable pie pan),  bake the pie over a cast iron pan during baking.

Making your own apple pie mix

 making your own apple pie mix

You always see mixing the apples with the spice mix and making the pie. A better way in the long run is to make a large batch of apple pie mix and use it in the near future to make as many apple pies that you wish. Our recipe will make a spice mix for 10 apple pies, if using 20% spice mix.

The next question would be, how much spice mix to use? Try using 20% spice mix, and increase it to taste. By 20% we mean, if the apples weigh 1kg (1000g), use 200g of apple pie mix.

Making pectin from apple peels & cores

 making pectin from apple peels and cores

Simply boil the leftover apple peels and cores into some water for about 1 hour or until apple cores are tender to the fork. Strain and reserve the liquid.

Preserving your apples for the next apple pie

 how to preserve apples

Preserving apples is not very complicated. Let the peeled apples soak in a water solution for a few minutes. Let apples dry in a colander for a few minutes and immediately freeze them in a plastic see-through bag. Don't forget to write the date on the bag.

What is in the water solution? In 2 liters of water, add 1 tbsp of salt and 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Let the apples soak in the liquid for a few minutes. Then, strain the apples on a colander for a few minutes. Spread a thin layer of apples in a plastic bag and freeze until needed.

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About our recipe tables

sample recipe table

Sample recipe table

All the recipes in our course are given by weight and percentages. The advantage of having a recipe in percentages is of extreme importance. You can alter the size of the recipe to any size you wish, and most importantly you can make recipe comparisons to notice the effects of ingredients between recipes.

What is your cost of making apple pie

If you would like to know what your cost is to making apple pie please follow this link.


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