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Wecome to OnlinePastryTrainingSchool.com. We are the first school to give you all you need to know about french pastry without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Our goal is to help the less fortunate. We believe that access to education should be equal between rich and poor. We are just doing our part to help maintain this equality.

Costs in following a pastry training course in a school includes;

  • Tuition cost for pastry course; at least $10,000 or more.
  • Gaz expense going to school every day; $60/week for one year = $3000 (Anything below perfect attendance is not acceptable in any pastry training school.)
  • Obligatory purchase of outfit and toolbox; $1000.
  • Cleaning your uniforms and towels daily; detergents, etc $300.
  • Valuable time wasted in traffic; 200 hours per year

Cost in following our online pastry training course;

  • A minimal yearly fee, just to keep our site running.

Why purchase a membership from our website?

  • To open your own pastry shop.
  • To give you the confidence to apply to any pastry shop as an apprentice.
  • Purchase a membership NOW and you will receive all lessons in video format, mp4 (limited time offer) -IN PROGRESS
  • Find out if you like the trade before spending thousands of dollars in a well known school that will teach you what we have in our home study program for a fraction of the price.
  • Master all tasks done in pastry shops without relying on your boss to teach you - proven results.
  • Save money by studying at home.
  • We guarantee to shorten the learning curve.
  • Like having a FREE tutor at home for life.
  • Learn at your own pace and time.
  • FREE electric food spray gun 

About our desserts

Along with our French pastry training course, sometime in the future, we will include Greek and Italian pastry recipes (estimated date; 2020).

French pastry making is a specialized craft

The art of making French pastries is like a fine balancing act that requires you to work with several delicate ingredients such as yeast, flour, butter, sugar, salt, and water. At Online Pastry Training School, we are dedicated at helping all of you to learn this delicate culinary art in an easy and affordable way. Our pastry training videos are specially designed to make you an expert, from a novice, in the delicate art of French pastry making, from the comfort of your home.

A French pastry maker too has to be very careful with all his ingredients and bake them very carefully to make the finest of pastries. From perfectly measuring a fresh batch of dough to making sure that the mixture is rolled at right temperature, we at Online Pastry Training School teach you all the nuances of French pastry making. There are a host of external factors that can influence your pastries. When you manage to hold everything together, only then can you expect to bake fine pastries that are reminiscent of French elegance.

We at the Online Pastry Training School take pride in our video tutorials that take you through all the delicate details of pastry making. It does not matter how good or how bad a cook you are. All you need to do is register for our course and we can help you grow to the likeness of pastry making chefs.

Learn from the comfort of your home

Online Pastry Training School offers a wide range of pastries you can learn how to make from the comfort of your home in your free time. We aim at helping you achieve that one goal of impressing your dinner guests with your fine culinary skills at making French pastries. Our course will help you build your confidence while also teaching you the necessary skills to prepare the most delicious pastries the world has ever known. All this is possible from the comfort of your home and at a highly reasonable price.

Our approach to pastry making

At Online Pastry Training School, we believe that to learn something fully, you need to learn it the right way right from the beginning. All our videos are up close showing you all the details. Our course starts right at the grass root level, so you don't have to worry about having any prior experience. Our tutorials are designed to be short and precise to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Our courses

Our specially designed pastry training videos will comprise of most varieties of French pastry products including pies, tarts, cookies, puddings, custards, marzipans, chocolates among many other prominent French pastries. Our pastry training course begins with the basics on the units of measurement and is aimed at teaching you how to convert between different units of measurement. The course then gradually progresses into an introduction to pastry training, hygiene and food safety, different utensils used in pastry making, yeast types and how to use them, food coloring, and the different types of mixing methods used in pastry making.

Our videos are meant to familiarize you with all the details and intricacies of the art of French pastry making. Each tutorial is specially designed to quickly take you through the lessons and you will be allowed to access all of these lessons any number of times once you have registered and paid the membership fee. Our pastry training home-study program is a specially designed course to equip you with all the necessary skills of French pastry making right from your comfortable abode.



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