How to make the perfect ganache

History of Ganache

According to experts, Ganache was introduced sometime in the middle of the nineteenth century.  Both the French and the Swiss claim to be responsible for its invention but it is still not known distinctly. In any case, it spread to other parts of  Europe in no time and became an indispensable part of many desserts. It is now hard to even imagine eating certain desserts without pouring a generous amount of Ganache.

Uses of Ganache

Ganache is a kind of icing or glaze made of chocolate and cream which is used generally as a top coating or filling for cakes and pastries. The ratio of chocolate to cream keeps on changing depending on the type of dish for which it is being used as a filling. Cold Ganache can be beaten into an icing or it can be cast into truffles. Warm Ganache on the other hand, can be poured over cakes and pastries to create a glaze or it can be used as a stuffing for a molten lava cake which is a favorite among many in different parts of the world. The versatility of Ganache comes from its texture which totally depends on the specific ratio of all the ingredients. To the naked eye, Ganache is a simple mixture of cream and chocolate. In reality it is actually an emulsification of cream, chocolate and other ingredients, which will give you the desired end result for a specific recipe.

making truffles using ganache

Some expertise and understanding of ingredients is required when you wish to achieve a specific texture for the ganache for a look on a specific dessert. With lots of trial and error you can come up with your own recipes. Ganache has a number of uses, and depending on the density and temperature, it can accomplish multiple forms. For example, a ganache recipe that is used for coating should be liquidy enough to be poured over the dessert and at the same time glossy when set, as in a chocolate mousse cake. On the other hand, a ganache used as a filling would require a thicker consistency.

chocolate mousse cake covered with ganache

Chocolate used when making ganache

Chocolate used for making ganache

Generally the chocolate used for making ganache is couverture chocolate. Bitter or semi-sweet couverture chocolate is usually used or a mixture of a few chocolates. Bitter chocolate has no sugar added so it has a bitter taste. Bitter chocolate is simply pure chocolate liquor, semi-sweet chocolate has sugar and cocoa butter added, while white chocolate has sugar, cocoa powder, and milk powder added.

Directions for preparation

Procedure for making ganache varies from recipe to recipe as explained above.

For more information on the subject, and the exact quantity of ingredients used, see our step by step video tutorials on how to make the perfect ganache.

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