Introduction to creams

Creams can be found in many pastries and cakes. Before beginning your study of creams, we would advise you to go to our course outline page and study carefully the effects of each ingredient on the final product. Once you do that,  you can begin to learn the different types of creams that are used in pastry.

Cream classifications

Creams can be classified according to their ingredients or according to their method of preparation.

We have classified the creams according to ingredients used, as follows;

  • Egg-based creams
    • Creams that are egg-based are;
      • Some buttercreams
      • Pastry cream
      • Mousseline cream
      • English cream (crème anglaise)
      • Diplomat cream
      • Caramel custard (crème caramel)
  • Lightened creams
    • Light creams are egg-based creams that are lightened or thinned out with;
  • Creams thickened with gelatin
    • Egg-based creams thickened with Gelatin
      • Diplomat cream
      • Bavarian cream






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