Different Ways to Make Croissants

Different Ways to Make Croissants

You can make croissants in many different ways. The difference can lie in the technique that you choose to incorporate, or even the way your croissants are going to taste. Making a difference in the taste aspect is the easiest to understand. You either make them sweet, or you make them salty. There are quite a few ingredients you could use as fillers. However, before you get into the details of what you are going to use inside the croissants, you should probably know that you will have to use a lot of butter and sugar to make this dish. If you are very health conscious, you may not be able to recreate the same with the substitutes for the same.

The sweet croissant

Making a sweet croissant can either be very easy, or very difficult. You could make a classic simple croissant by just glazing the top after the croissant is done. When the dough is baked and crunchy, you just have to layer the top generously with icing sugar. The middle section will have butter and sugar melted into it, creating a mouth-watering dish to serve up during tea.

If you really have a sweet tooth though, you will probably have to make a few additions. You could use chocolate syrup or cream as the filling in the center. When you take a bite out of it, you will taste the frosting on top, while the warm croissant brings with it a tasty bit of choco-cream with it. The dish works wonders at children’s birthday parties as snacks. Probably not so good at adult parties unless your guests do not mind a slightly heavy snack.

Salted croissants

Salted croissants also taste great. You just have to choose the right filling. Today, a favorite in the States is the cheese and ham filled croissant. The warm buttery crunchy dough fits perfectly with the melted cheese and the wrapped in ham. A croissant like this is quite filling, so be careful to make them the right size.

In Poland, there is a special type of croissants which is filled with lard. Though this can be rather fattening, it tastes very good and makes for a great evening snack, in between meals. All-in-all, croissants are very easy to make once you learn how to spin the dough and get the right shape. There are many ways you can make the dish, so you should get started on learning as soon as possible.

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