How Do Muffins Differ from Cupcakes

 Cupcakes and muffins, who doesn't love them, but can you tell them apart? Or are you one of those foodies who just happened to stumble across this while gorging on some glorious cupcakes or muffins?  Either way, the reason why they're so similar is because they're both baked in miniature cups and made from similar ingredients. Then what makes them different you ask? While a common misconception and a popular belief amongst people is that a muffin is a cupcake without icing, there isn't a lot of truth to it. Read on, and we'll tell you the answer to the age old question that has gotten quiet a few foodies' minds ticking.


Cupcakes are no different from your whole cakes, they use the same batter, only the portion is small so it serves one individual. It is usually bakes in a small aluminum or paper cup. A cupcake uses butter in its recipe, while a muffin uses oil. Just as in the case of larger cakes, it can be decorated with icing, frosting or sprinkles. In some cases, it can be left plain without any additional decoration. A cupcake without frosting, is not a muffin. Cupcakes are generally not eaten while they are warm. It is treated as a small sweet treat or a dessert, which is served at weddings and birthday parties. Cupcakes can be of different types, like sponge, chiffon, pound and such.


muffins vs cupcakes

Muffins come under the family of quick breads, only they are smaller in portion. While quick breads and cakes don't differ when it comes to their ingredients, these small-sized quick breads take a lot lesser time to make. Cake recipes ask for wet ingredients to be incorporated first, and then the dry ingredients. A quick bread, on  the other hand, is made by mixing all wet ingredients such as milk, oil, eggs, in one container, and the dry ones in another, at one go. The wet ingredient container contents are then poured into the dry ingredient container and mixed. Sometimes, muffins can be made even without a whisk or a beater. Although they may appear like cupcakes, they don't usually taste as sweet. They generally go without frosting. Also, they may come with fillings like blueberries, toffee and chocolate. They can be eaten cold or hot. They're usually eaten as a part of tea or breakfast. Muffins can be either savory or sweet.


Cupcake verses muffin comparison


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