How You Can Work with Egg Whites

Working with egg whites is always a little tricky as it is very difficult to get the right uniformity. Since egg white is a major component for making desserts, you have got to be very cautious while working with egg whites to achieve the correct consistency and texture.

There are 3 stages when beating egg whites; soft peak, medium peak and stiff peak. The majority of recipes ask for stiff peak, while others ask for medium peak or soft peak. Generally once the egg whites reach the correct stage for the recipe, you can rest assured that the ideal result will be achieved.

Separating the white from the yolk

While making cake or doughnut, you might not have to separate the yolks from the whites, but in most other sweet dishes, you will need only the egg whites. In those cases, you need to separate the two.The correct method to separate eggs is to have 4 containers at hand. One container for breaking the eggs, one container that holds the egg whites and one container that holds the egg yolks and one container for the egg shells. While you are breaking eggs, smell a few eggs at random to check for any off odour. If any bad odour is detected, discard the eggs.

If you will be working with the egg whites only, make sure that there are no traces of yolks in your egg whites. The presence of even the smallest amount of egg yolks will not let you reach the desired volume and consistency no matter how long you beat the egg whites.

There are many simple techniques of separating the white and yolk. You could crack the egg on to your hands and let the white portion to slip through your fingers. If you are not comfortable with that, you can use the separator. Separating the two is the easiest when you use the eggs just taken out of the fridge. However, you cannot beat the whites taken just out of the refrigerator as the results won't be good.

Prior to beating the egg white

As much as possible, make use of only the freshly bought eggs for beating egg whites. Also make sure the egg whites are room temperature. To quickly warm up egg whites to room temperature, pour some hot water (not boiling hot) in a container and place the eggs (whole egg with shell) inside. Leave for 5 minutes. Once warmed, then you may crack the eggs to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Never leave eggs at room temperature for long periods to warm them up.

Before beating the egg whites, make sure there is no traces of egg yolks in the egg whites. Make sure that the bowl you are using is clean and has no traces of fat whatsoever.

Tips and tricks that professionals use to ensure desired result when beating egg whites

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