Paper cones and the art of writing

Paper cones are an indispensable part in cake decorations. A paper cone may be needed when you don't have a pastry bag at hand, or for the most part when you need to do writing or decorative designs on a cake using piping jelly, chocolate, etc.

Making a paper cone from scratch

There are many ways to make a paper cone. In this video we will show you one way on how to make one.

Importance on writing on a cake

When writing on a cake, in order to be fancy, you must write a bit differently other than using simply plain block letters. One should spend a few months practicing cursive letters. Another words, each letter should be joined with the next in an artistic way, so that it is pleasing to the eye. This is very important because any kind of pastry or cake is sold first because of it's appearance and then because of it's taste.

For example, you can have two pastries made with the same ingredients but the first one is very pleasing to the eye, while the second one is not, and the first one's price is set quite a bit more expensive than the second. Believe it or not, pastries like the first one, get sold first. The more artistic, creative and gorgeous you dessert will look, the better the chance of it getting sold no matter what the price (of course to a certain degree).

Besides writing words (eg; Happy birthday, etc) on a cake, a paper cone is also used to decorate a cake with fancy borders or designs.

So do not under-estimate the power of cake lettering. It is one of the many techniques that you must master in order to end up with a dessert that is superior and unique from all the rest.



Learning how to write on a cake

You must spend a few weeks or months on practicing each and every letter of the alphabet, in upper and lower case (capital letters & small). A tip on how to go about this, is to open up your favorite graphic design software (Coreldraw, Illustrator, etc) and choose a font of your choice that contains cursive letters. Create and save a file using your graphic design software. Below, as an example we used the 'Bickley Script LET' font from CorelDraw.

Start typing the alphabet one letter at a time as shown below;

Cursive letters for writing on a cake

Some letters look better in one font while others look better on another, so gather up all the letters from various fonts and type them all within one page. Save and print the file. Once you print out the page, try to imitate all the letters using a paper cone filled with piping jelly. Continue doing this for a few months and you will master the art of writing.