Small personal-size cakes

In French pastry, there are a lot of personal size cakes that are categorized according to their size, assembly or ingredients.

All small size-cakes fall into the category called petits fours. Literal translation of petits four is 'small oven'. We'll start by explaining the sub-categories of petits fours. 


miniandrise french dessert example

Miniardise are desserts that are the smallest of them all in terms of size. They are one-bite size. Examples of Miniardises are mini tartlets, truffles, marshmallows, etc.

Petits fours sec

petits fours sec

Petits fours sec are a sub-category of petits fours. They are desserts that are two-bite size that are dry, for example, cookies, macarons, etc.

Petits fours frais

petits four frais 

The Petits fours frais initially are very large cakes. These cakes are baked in a large tray. Once baked, they are sub-divided into 6 large portions of desired size using cake rings (round or square, etc). Each of these six portions is assembled individually resulting to the final product. Each of these finished products is further sub-divided into small-size portions of one to two size bites called Petits fours frais. Petits fours frais are slightly larger in size than miniardise; they are 2-bite size desserts.

Petits fours glacé

Some Petits fours frais are dipped into chocolate couverture or white fondant. They are called Petits fours glacé.

Petit gateaux

petits fours frais

Petit gateaux are slightly larger than petits fours frais. Examples of petit gateaux are desserts that are made with pate à choux batter, like eclairs or religieuses, fruit tartlets, etc.





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