Different Ways of Making Chantilly Cream

pastry made with chantilly cream

You must never be content with just plain whipped cream when you have the option of adding so many other flavors to it. Making a special whipped cream is very easy and doesn't require much effort from your side. In most cases, it is as simple as adding a flavor to the cream. You have the choice of sweetening your Chantilly cream with brown sugar instead of coarse sugar. You can add lemon, orange or any other extracts to your whipped cream. This extract, apart from giving the cream a little flavor, also makes it look pretty with bright colors.

Adding cream cheese to your Chantilly cream will not only give it a very nice flavor, but will also help keep the Chantilly cream inflated. Thanks to the cream cheese, your Chantilly cream will remain as it is for a much longer time before you need to whip it again. In case you do not like the cream cheese flavor, adding as little as one ounce per cup of whipping cream is enough to stabilize your Chantilly cream and you won't feel the presence of the cream cheese. If you are adding cream cheese, make sure to cream the sugar and creamed cheese together as it will get rid of balls of cream cheese that tends to form in your Chantilly cream.

How to make whipped cream

Whipped or Chantilly cream is normally prepared by whipping cream with other ingredients like sugar and flavored extracts using a blender or whip until it turns airy and soft. The cream has to be whipped until it becomes stiff. The cream takes the shape of a peak when it is whipped thoroughly. The cream which is supposed to be used for making Chantilly cream is known as whipping cream and contains a total fat content of 30 percent. Chantilly cream however cannot be used as a substitute for whipping cream as it has a totally different composition. The different techniques of whipping the cream depends on the flavor added and by the presence of cream cheese.

Nutritive value of whipped cream

Since the cream used for whipping contains a lot of fat, it should be avoided by the health conscious people. They can go for the fat free versions of the whipped cream available in the market. Whipping cream is commonly available in all grocery stores and super markets. The whipped cream can be used as a topping on a cooled pie, bread pudding, cobblers, gingerbread and many other desserts.


This is a very easy recipe but care must be taken not to overwhip the cream. For a standard recipe and access to our videos please go to Different Ways of Making Chantilly Cream (members only).


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