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Ribbon-stage is the stage where the egg yolks are whisked (usually with some sugar) to a point where they are extremely foamy and very pale yellow in color. They are foamy because a lot of air has been incorporated into the egg yolks, and they are pale yellow for the same reason, because of oxidation.

Here is how you would check if you have reached ribbon stage;

  • Dip the whisk into the foamy egg mixture.
  • Lift whisk out of the foamy egg mixture and move it back and forth from one edge of the mixer bowl to the other.
  • If the lines that are created on the surface of the foamy egg mixture take a few seconds (3-4 seconds) to sink in and disappear, you have successfully reached a nice thick ribbon stage.


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Rognures refers to the left over puff pastry or croissant dough. Leftover dough can be used to make other pastry items. or it may be added when making new puff pastry dough.

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using a roller docke in puff pastry dough
A roller docker is used to pierce bread or pastry dough in order to prevent the dough from rising too much or to prevent blisters from forming. We are using it here to make bandes aux fruits.

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Room temperature is 21 deg. C / 69.8 deg. F.


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Rum goes well with coffee, pineapple juice, orange juice, passion fruit, mango, lime juice, cherries, pineapple juice, lime juice and lemonade.

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