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Video DEMOs showing technique only

These videos are demos only (no step-by-step instructions). If  you already have the recipe but don't know how to execute it, watch our videos below in order to learn correct procedure or to follow proper technique;



 Pastry accessories for sale by

We are the first Canadian supplier of the LM25 electric food spray gun, an indispensable item for any pastry shop.

Model no: LM25


Electric Food Spray Gun model LM25

IMPORTANT: The shipping cost for within Canada is set to $50. If the shipping cost to your area is more than $50 (according to your address) we will contact you by email to pay the difference. Once we receive your payment (using one or more of the Paypal buttons below), your package will be released.

Additional shipping charges apply for orders outside of Canada.


Mini compressor air brushing kits for cake decorating


Mini-compressor air brushing kits for cake decorating
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