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how to make simple syrup

Sirop à 30 °B OR 30 Baume syrup is simply put simple syrup. Simple syrup consists of equal parts of sugar and water, eg; 1000ml water + 1350g sugar. 30 Baume syrup has a density or specific gravity of 1260 or another words it is 260 points heavier than plain water.

Simple syrup is used for moistening cakes upon assembly. Once the simple syrop has been boiled and cooled, it is at this point that you add the flavoring of your choice.

This syrup is used cold when moistening cakes. For an 8-inch cake about 170-200ml of syrup will suffice, depending on the sponge cake recipe.

Syrups with a density of 1260 or higher can be stored at room temperature for about 2 weeks.

Simple syrup recipe


If you do not know how to work with percentages, please follow the link to the Recipe conversions article.



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