How to make your own rolled fondant

Question. What is rolled fondant?
Answer. Rolled fondant, also called icing fondant or icing is an icing that is pliable that gives a smooth finish. Do not confuse this icing with royal icing. They are not the same thing. Royal icing is used to decorate a wide range of products from cookies to wedding cakes. It is piped through a small parchment paper bag.  Rolled fondant is used to most often completely cover special occasion cakes like wedding cakes, birthday cakes for adults or children. On the other hand, poured fondant is a coating used for coating cakes or pastries. An example of a poured fondant is what is used to cover eclairs. Poured fondant consists of sugar, water, and lemon juice, cooked to the soft-ball stage. It is then cooled and beaten until an opaque creamy texture results.

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