Relationship between animal abuse and certain pastry ingredients

 This may come to a surprise to you but there is a lot of animal abuse behind the scenes not shown to the general public. Only the end products (eggs, milk, cream (35%), etc) are seen by the consumers in supermarkets or in fast food stores.

What harm does drinking milk have to do with animals? What abuse do animals go through simply by purchasing milk, cream, butter and other dairy products?

I'm sure you will find these videos an eye opener.  Watch these videos and everything will be crystal clear, but they are extremely difficult to watch.

Relationship between raising cows and climate change

Join Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores the topic of climate change, and discovers what must be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.

using milk and butter to make pastry

 What can we do? This fight is a long endless battle. Things cannot change over night. We must all contribute a bit at a time to do our part and make a difference. Think of these videos whenever you purchase meats and dairy products. Becoming a vegetarian or even better, vegan is an excellent alternative.

Severe animal abuse in Mexico

Here's really how it's made;

The Emotional World of Farm Animals


Dairy calf investigation

Relationship between animal abuse and meats

Animal abuse does not only occur in dairy products, but also in consuming any kind of meats;

How bacon is made


How eggs are made


Calves for leather car interiors

Crocodile abuse due to crocodile skin industry


For much more detailed information on animal abuse related to pastry making please follow this link.

Be aware of what you purchase at all times

Always be aware of what you purchase at all times; be aware of the violence against innocent loving animals

Here's another video to make you aware of what you are wearing;


Horrific duck abuse at duck factory farms 

Animal cruelty related to wool

Sheep Punched, Stomped on, Cut for Wool


Lose Your Appetite for Meat in 60 Seconds


Ostriches Killed for Hermès, Prada Bags 


Insane animal abuse

Fast foods and the secret suffering of chickens


Horrific Cruelty in Kosher Slaughterhouses


So why did we add this article in our pastry site?  Mainly because we love animals.

What can each one of us do? This fight is a long endless battle. Things cannot change over night. We must all contribute a bit at a time to do our part and make a difference. Everyone can contribute to minimizing animal abuse by simply limiting your intake of milk, cream, butter and other dairy products or another words desserts. One way to limit these products is to search for dairy-free desserts. Well, one can say, how about all the pastry shops that will close down trying to save the animals? Families will begin to starve. Well, we are going from one extreme to the other. What we are looking for is a balance of both worlds. We do not have the answers. We simply are making consumers be aware of their actions in order to limit animal abuse.

Be aware of what you purchase and what you wear. There is always animal abuse behind whatever you purchase.  For example, clothing with wool = sheep abuse. Buying certain purses = ostrich abuse. It's all about demand and supply. If there is no demand by the public there will not be any production, eliminating animal abuse in one industry. The point here is that we all have to be aware of our actions (purchases).

Of course there are solutions to certain problems, like purchasing eggs. Go to your city hall and ask if you are allowed to raise chickens in your area. If yes, you can have your eggs without being part of any chicken abuse. You will be raising the animals and taking care of them. Of course at the end of the season the chickens will have to be slaughtered of which you have control of how abusive the end of the animal will be.

We are human and we do need to eat to survive. One cannot cut down on meats and dairy all at once. This is a gradual process, and if everyone does his or her part, we can simply minimize as much harm as possible done to the animals.

 This is just the tip of the iceberg. We haven't mentioned abuse of other animals, eg; snakes (purses, shoes), monkeys (abuse though experiments), mice (abuse though experiments), elephants (abused for our entertainment), horses, fish, bulls (bull dies a horrible death of human entertainment)  etc..... the list is endless.

So if you go in any of the major fast food stores for lunch and/or dinner daily, simply think of the animal abuse that is behind that animal.This will only make you more human. Humans were not meant to drink milk from other animals. This is happening, mainly because of brainwashing through television  by large corporations, telling you that their product is good for you. Do you know of any animal that drinks milk coming from another animal? No. We (humans) are the only species that drink milk from other animals. 

We found a very interesting video of human evolution;

If you are a true animal lover you should love a cow or pig or chicken or any other animal, the exact same way you love your cat and/or dog.

There is a very simple solution to animal abuse once we work together on this. It simply involves changing your diet bit by bit, but we must all follow the same path. For example don't consume beef daily, but gradually limit your intake to once every two weeks. Another way to prevent animal abuse is for each individual household to raise their own animals in order for them to be treated more humanly.

We'd love to hear from you what you think. Please email us if you like.



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