Costing your pastry recipes 

Assembled cake costs table
Date Pastry name Total cost

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Pastry assembly costs

Costing your cake

In this table you are only concerned with the last column (to the right). Knowing the cost per gram of eg; pastry cream, you can quickly figure out your cost of using, eg; 150g of pastry cream.

If you have a cake recipe that needs 800g of Chantilly cream, multiply 800g x .00516 to derive your Chantilly cream cost; 800g x .00516 = $4.13.

Pastry mixtures costs table
Date Recipe name Cost per gram ($)

a - Tiramisu filling consisting of Chantilly cream, Cream cheese and Mascarpone cheese. 

b - Tiramisu flavoring syrup consists of espresso coffee and a blend of two alcohols. Much cheaper using instant coffee.

Pastry accessories cost

Accessories costs table
Date Recipe name Details Cost/item or gram ($)


 Plastic see-through containers, 8" 




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