Working with bread dough

calculate water temperature when making bread

What should the water temperature be?

In order to have an identical final product (bread) every time, you must always calculate the temperature of the water in order to achieve the ideal raw dough temperature of 24deg. C. Another words, every time you make bread, the raw dough temperature should be 24deg. C.  This is done as follows. there are 4 factors to take into consideration to come up with the water temperature;

  • room temperature
  • flour temperature
  • water temperature
  • temperature change of dough due to kneading1

An ideal situation for making bread would be when the room temperature, flour temperature and water temperature are all around 24 deg. C, giving you a total temperature of 72 deg. C. But, this is rarely the case.

So lets go through an example;

Suppose the room temperature is 18deg. C, the flour temperature is 18deg.C, and temperature increase of the dough due to kneading is 8deg. C. What should the water temperature be?

Since the total ideal temperature of all three factors (room temperature, flour temperature, and temperature change of dough due to kneading) is only 44 deg. C, as shown below...


  • 18deg. C room temperature
  • 18deg. C flour temperature
  •  ??? water temperature
  • 8deg. C temperature change of dough due to kneading


... the water temperature should be 72 deg. C - 44deg. C = 28deg. C

So a water temperature of 28deg. C, will give you a final raw dough temperature of 24 deg. C


1 - Let's assume the dough temperature change from the beginning of kneading to the end of kneading is an increase of 8deg. C




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