Chemicals used in pastry shops

Welcome to the world of pastry. Making pastry is no longer simple. The pressure is on among pastry shops. That is, to give its clients the best tasting, freshest pastries at the lowest cost to the pastry shop and therefore to the customer.

What does this translate into? This translates to ingredients, that is chemicals, that are needed to produce the perfect end product, either a sponge cake, a cream, a croissant, etc. Without these products, the pastries would be much more expensive to compensate for the end products thrown out daily due to spoilage (due to shorter shelf life). The keyword here would be shelf life.

There are a lot of ingredients that an average individual is not aware of that are used daily in a pastry shop. We will mention the most common ones that are used and their purpose.

We will be discussing new products as the course progresses. 

Follow this link if you wish to learn which chemicals are used in pastry shops.